Ninth Spandan IBA Award in Human Values – 2017

Instituted by Spandan Foundation for Human Values in Management and Society, Chandigarh and its institutional member, Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bengaluru in 2007, the Award in Human Values aims at identifying and honoring individuals involved in inculcating human values as an integral part of work ethic and culture in their chosen spheres of activity.

The objective of conferring the Award is two-fold: Many individuals doing noble work for the good in their workplace and community are more often than not are not interested in publicising it. They are averse to ‘seek’ recognition. It therefore becomes necessary to identify such persons and their contribution to their profession and the society. Secondly, honoring such individuals and their contribution, it is believed, inspires others to adhere to values- based work ethic and way of life. Individuals interested and involved in adhering to human values in their chosen professions and careers are invited to cooperate with us by participating in our endeavour. The participation is through nomination by self or by others.

Based upon the recommendation of the Jury, headed by Prof. Subhash Sharma, Director, IBA, Bengaluru, Spandan has pleasure in conferring the Award to Kadam Public Charitable Trust, Hyderabad run under the leadership of SMC Chagla, V.Hemant and Nipun Jain of Infosys at the Function scheduled on Tuesday, the 24th of January 2017, 10 AM to 1 PM at the IBA Campus, Bengaluru, India.

Kadam Public Charitable Trust was formed in April, 2014 with the aim of providing free education to underprivileged children (beggars, scavengers, child labour) who have never been to school or have dropped off from school early on in life. The Trust started a bridge school – “Rajiv Vidya Mission – Non Residential Special Training Center” in August 2014 with 25 kids and 2 teachers. Within 2 years, the strength grew to 65 children and 5 teachers. The bridge school follows a curriculum termed as ‘bridge schooling curriculum’. The aim is to bridge the gap within two years and enable the children to move to mainstream education along with other children of their age. The school provides free high quality education and nutritious food. Within 2 years, the children who were illiterates are now in a position to read and write comfortably. 75% of them reached grade 3 level competency and others are a couple of months away from reaching that level. In addition to educating the children, the Trust also works with families with the intention of rehabilitating them.

Interactive Sessions on Human Values in Management Education and Profession, Dayanand Sagar University, Bengaluru, January 23 2017

Alumni of MBA from Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) based in Bengaluru, in collaboration with Dayanand Sagar University, Bengaluru, and Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bengaluru (an Institutional Member of Spandan) are organizing one day event on Human Values in Management and Empowerment of Managers for Millenum at Dayanand Sagar University, Bengaluru. Teams of faculty and students from select management departments and institutions from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and Management Professional are participating in the event.

The objective is two fold:
• One, to exchange the insights and experiences gained by the participants in strengthening the role of human values in management education and profession as a means for evolving work ethic and values based way of life effectively

• The other objective is to explore the possibility of starting Spandan Centre for Human Values in collaboration with like minded institutions and individuals with Bengaluru as a nodal point.
The individuals and institutions interested are welcome to attend and participate. -- Dr. Jagatheesh Jayanand Or Dr. Krishnakumar