Spandan Foundation

Spandan Foundation for Human Values in Management and Society as an NGO originated as a result of the academic and research interest of Dr. G.P. Rao. It has been formed by a small group of industrial organizations, management institutions and individuals.

The word ‘Spandan’, in Sanskrit, means heartbeat, vibration, pulsation and echo. Spandan as a concept postulates that faith in the innate divinity, basic goodness and intrinsic altruism of human beings have been the driving force for human existence, growth and development.

The Mission of Spandan Foundationis ‘Propagation and inculcation of human values in education, management and society’.

The Vision is ‘Humanising self through communion of hearts’.

Spandan Foundation offers an approach and process in facilitating educators and practitioners in management in striving for an optimal balance between “Results” and “Relations”.

Teaching, research and training are key aspects of the approach. The inculcation happens through a process that has been termed as the “3 D Process”. “3 D” represents Diagnosis, Discovery and Development.

The process enables organisations to select human values and to anchor these to the Mission Statement of the organisation. The process then enables integration of these values to strategic management and to various processes. This facilitates the process of internalising the values and practising them in a holistic manner.

When such sensitivity of caring, sharing and nurturing becomes integral to work ethic and culture, the organisation is able to mesh the task requirement and humaneness. The result is a “Functionally Humane Organisation” - a committed group of human beings doing their best in the interests of various stakeholders.