Spandan Initiatives

This section contains a series of articles that provide information on various initiatives from Spandan.

1. Institutional Civic Responsibility to Community through Human Values: This article focuses on the way to harness human values to transform ‘corporate social responsibility’ to ‘institutional civic responsibility’.

2. Three A’s and Remaking Ourselves as Human Beings: This article explains how awareness, acceptance and adherence enables us in remaking ourselves as human beings. Spandan approach of remaking ourselves as human beings in relation to others consists of experiential learning.

3. 3Cs and Human Development: This article pertains to a Spandan in an educational institution founded by a charitable trust. The institution is offering education to children belonging to economically and socially weaker sections of the society. It strives to empower its students by going beyond the formal education process laid down as its frame of reference. The 3Cs refer to Confidence, Communication and Character.

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