Events Conducted

Spandan has ongoing annual events and various major activities that are undertaken periodically. The annual events and periodic events undertaken in 2015-16 have been described in this section.

Spandan Ongoing Annual Events

1. Spandan IBA Award in Human Values: This award was instituted jointly by Spandan and Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bangalore – Greater Noida, an Institutional Member of Spandan, in 2007. It is for individual contribution in the propagation and inculcation of human values in management and society. It aims at identifying and honouring efforts at individual levels which inspire others evolve as better humane beings.

The Award conferring event normally takes place in January at the IBA Bangalore campus. The nominees are invited during the preceding October- November.

2. Spandan Foundation Day: Instituted in 2015, the Foundation Day aims at organizing suitable events to mark the advent of Spandan as a means for remaking ourselves as humane beings; and, share and spread the message of Spandan for propagation and inculcation of human values in management and society.

It is organized on February 25 (or thereabouts)

3. Spandan Prof. Ishwar Dayal Memorial Lecture: The Memorial Lecture has been instituted in 2015 to commemorate the contribution of Prof. Ishwar Dayal, the doyen of management education in the country and the mentor of Spandan, who expired in April 2015.

4. Spandan IMI Student Essay writing and Presentation Contest: Spandan IMI Student Essay writing and Presentation Contest was the first annual event commenced by Spandan in 2003 in collaboration with International Management Institute (IMI), an institutional member of Spandan.

II. Major Periodic Activities

1. Propagation: This refers to interactive sessions on invitation and through participation in Seminars and Conferences conducted by industrial organizations, management institutions, professional bodies and social service organizations.

2. Inculcation: This refers to occasional in-house short term visits and conduct of workshops and interactive sessions. It includes long term intervention by Spandan at various institutions and organization to enable them to evolve as functionally humane organizations.

3. Communication, Confidence and Character (3Cs) and student/ youth/ human empowerment: This is to enable segments of the society develop self confidence to evolve as useful citizens of the society.