Spandan Foundation for Human Values in Management and Society has built various mechanisms for propagation and inculcation of human values in education, management and society.

Propagation of Human Values

Spandan enables propagation of human values in management institutions, industrial organizations, professional bodies and social service institutions through:

1. Offering seminars; full- fledged foundational and elective courses; and doctoral studies in management and professional education;

2. Offering short term (between one day and one week) interactive sessions, workshops, and tailor-made developmental programmes for different stake-holders in education, management and society.

3. Reaching out to stakeholders in management education and profession through Spandan Centres for Human Values formed in collaboration with member institutions of Spandan; and,

4. Developing Facilitators in the movement of value- based education and profession.

Inculcation of Human values

The objective is ‘Facilitating the given organization/ institution evolve values based work ethic and culture congruent to its mission statement and conducive for maximizing employee commitment and productivity through empowerment’.

The methods utilized for inculcation are:

i. Spandan (Heartbeat) approach,

ii. Spandan 3 D Process of Diagnosis, Discovery and Development and,

iii. Spandan Spectrum of Human Values

The time frame for completion of one cycle of inculcation of human values as above involves approximately 10 broad phases – each phase consisting of six- hour day-long workshops, interactive sessions, discussion meetings etc.

Normally, each phase is scheduled once in a month. Completion of one cycle of inculcation of Spandan approach, its 3 D process and Spandan Spectrum of Human Values thus involves a minimum of ten months.

The typical effort required is as follows:

1. Spandan as facilitator: 10 contact days of six hours each: 60 hours.

2. Core group members, with CEO as chair: 12 hours per contact day: 120 hours.

3. Convenor’s office/ team: Communication, conduct, collection, analysis, presentation: 18 hours per contact day: 180 hours

Spandan could play an active role on point three and thereby reduce the time spent by the convenor’s office. The actual time spent by each role depends on the scope and deliverables that the organization gives Spandan.