Spandan Spectrum of Values

The Spandan spectrum of values has evolved over a period of time.

The first attempt at identifying human values considered suitable and important in work situations as a means of developing values-oriented work ethic was made in 1995-1996. These values were subsequently modified in 1999-2000 and 2010.

In 2011 (the fourth revisit) the focus was on simplification, rationalization, updating and codification of human values. This was based on the (a) experiences gained so far in the administration of the Spandan spectrum of human values across the country to cross sections of the society; and (b) ongoing events of international importance like Globalization, Cross Cultural Management, Economic Meltdown and Corporate Arrogance.

In 2013, Family values were added to the list.

Here are three major categories of human values. These are:

1. Fundamental and Transformational Human Values

2. End-state and Terminal Human Values

3. Instrumental and Transactional Human Values

The last category has been further classified into seven categories: Personal; Family; Professional; Group; Organizational/ Institutional; Societal and Global.

There are five Transformational values, thirty Transactional values and two Terminal values. This makes it a total of 37 human values in the Spandan Spectrum of Human Values 2013.

An email may be sent to Dr G.P. Rao ( if you wish to receive the article that contains the entire list of Spandan values.

1. Tenth Spandan IBA Annual Awards in Human Values, 2018.

Instituted by Spandan, handigarh – Hyderabad and the Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bengaluru, an Institutional Member of Spandan in the year, the Annual Award in Human Values aims at identifying and honoring individuals involved in inculcating human values as an integral part of work ethic and culture in their work spheres of activity Such a recognition, it is believed spurs others to follow the lead so that an optimal balance is achieved and maintained between head and heart at individual levels and results and relations in the given organization.

Participation to obtain the Award is to be initiated, among others, by a write-up containing particulars such as: The circumstances under which the nominee started believing and adhering to values in his/her professional life; The growth / decline in such adherence over a period of time; Influence of such adherence on one’s own beliefs and behavior; Impact of such adherence on one’s own work group and possible on the organization as a whole: and the possible direction and intensity of such adherence which he nominee aims at / anticipates in near future.

The nominees whose writes up are considered suitable will be making, if necessary, presentations on, tentatively, January 10, 2018 at IBA, Bengaluru. The presentation adjudged best will be conferred the Award there at.

The persons interested and involved in the sphere of inculcation of human values may please obtain the nomination forms from and return them duly filled in by November 1, 2017.

2. Third Spandan Aravali Prof. Ishwar Dayal Memorial Lecture 2017, India International Centre, New Delhi, November 9, 2017, 6.30 PM