Invitation Eleventh Spandan IBA (SKC) Award in Human Values, 2019.

Function conferring the Award: Venue: Indus Business Academy (IBA), Bangalore, India, January 2019 ( The date, time and other particulars of the Function will be communicated later)

The Objective:

Spandan, Society for strengthening movement of human values management and society, Chandigarh and its Institutional Member, IBA, Bengaluru have instituted an Award in Human Values for Professionals in 2007.

The Conferring Function of the Eleventh Spandan IBA Award is scheduled at IBA, Bengaluru in January 2019.

Prof. Sitangshu Kumar Chakraborty, Convener, Management Centre for Human Values (MCHV), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta, prolific writer and pioneer in strengthening human values in management and society breathed his last in Kolkata on September 13 2018. The obituary by IIM Calcutta of Prof. SKC, as he was fondly known, is appended.

Spandan as a mark of its respect and recognition of the contribution of Prof. Sitangshu Kumar Chakraborty to the movement of human values has decided to rename the Award as Spandan IBA SKC Award in Human Values for Professionals with immediate effect. The The Eleventh award and thereafter will be known as Spandan IBA SKC Award in uman Values for Professionals.

Professionals, entrepreneurs, academicians and others interested and involved in propagation and inculcation of human values in management and society are invited to cooperate with us by participating in our endeavour. The objective of the initiative is to identify and honour efforts at individual and professional levels in propagating and inculcating suitable human values in a given sphere of activity and perspective. The assumption and experience is that such recognition may kindle others to follow suit.

Nomination for the Award :

Participation is through nominations-which could be either by self or through others. Each nomination is to be accompanied by a write-up containing particulars such as:

  • The circumstances under which the nominee started believing and adhering to values in his/her professional life;
  • The growth /decline in such adherence over a period of time;
  • Influence of such adherence on one’s own beliefs and behaviour;
  • Impact of such adherence on one’s own work group and possibly on the organization as a whole; and
  • The possible direction and intensity of such adherence which the nominee aims at/anticipates in near future.

While there are no hard and fast rules on the length and the method of presentation of the write up, it is suggested that –

  • The length of the write-up to be around 500 words;
  • The presentation to be in first person singular number i.e. I…..
  • The write-up could contain three references whom Spandan might approach for further inputs and insights on the nominees’ efforts at values orientation in work life and profession;
  • The write – up should have 1.25 margins with Times New Roman, 12 font with double space; and
  • One soft copy of the write-up – along with Personal Details Form, duly filled in - may please be sent to with copy to

The last date of receipt of write-up (along with personal details Form) : November 1, 2018

The selected nominee will be invited to accept the Award and deliver Acceptance Speech at the Award conferring function to be held IBA Bengaluru in January 2019.

Nominee profile to be appended with the write up.

  1. Name:
  2. Designation / Status
  3. Company/Institution:
  4. Address:
  5. (a) Contact number(s):
    (b) Contact e mail ID:
  6. Academic background:
  7. Professional background.



Appendix: Sad demise of Prof. Sitangshu Kumar Chakraborty, Convener, MCHV, IIM Calcutta.

•Prof. Sitangshu Kumar Chakraborty (born 20 January 1941) passed away in Kolkata on 13 September 2018 after a brief illness. He had a long association with IIM Calcutta for thirty two years where he served first as a faculty member in the Finance and Control Group and subsequently as the founder-convener of Management Centre for Human Values (MCHV) till his superannuation in 2003. After his superannuation, he was also instrumental in setting up Rabindranath Tagore Centre for Human Values at Kolkata under the aegis of Ambuja Neotia Group.
Prof. Chakraborty had been a pioneer in the field of Human Values and Ethics. At a time when theory and practice of management in India was steeped in Western academic canons and protocols, Prof. Chakraborty through his voluminous work opened up an entire vista of Indian philosophical traditions for meticulous scholarly enquiry. His continuing engagement with multiple knowledge systems transcending the old binary of the East and the West got reflected in dozens of books and numerous research papers that he published over a professional career spanning nearly five decades. For him, values and ethics were an integral part of management education and training, and not to be considered as add-ons to other supposedly more important aspects of management practice. He was the founder-editor of the Journal of Human Values which is currently in 24th year of its publication. Some of his books such as Management by Values – Towards Cultural Integration (Oxford, 1991), Managerial Transformation by Values: A Corporate Pilgrimage (Sage, 1993), Ethics in Management (Oxford, 1995), The Management and Ethics Omnibus (Oxford, 2001), Leadership and Power: Ethical Explorations (Oxford, 2001), Against the Tide (Oxford, 2003), are invaluable resources in the field of values and ethics in management.
Source: IIMC website.